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Marriage is many things… and sometimes it can feel like all those things are problems.

We often think of marriage (or any committed relationship) as the merging of two lives into one.

But the truth is, there are three components to a healthy relationship: yours (your partner), mine (yourself), and ours (the relationship itself).

Like an equilateral triangle, each element is just as crucial as the other two.

In other words… you must restore your connection to yourself in order to restore your connection to each other.

Every couple is different, of course. But everyone starts with the same fundamentals:

  • Learning to truly listen, and be listened to.
  • Expressing what it is you need.
  • Sorting through all that pain and confusion to determine what (emotionally) belongs to you, what belongs to your partner, and what belongs to the relationship itself.

These skills will promote emotional connection and mutual healing, and you’ll practice them during your sessions and at home.

Other homework may include individual meditations, couples dialogue and gratitude exercises.

Individual sessions may also be used, depending on the needs and desires of each partner.

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